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Adani criticism from the rich will hurt the poor, lobby group says

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The most recent activism against Adani’s planned Carmichael Coal project has labelled “misguided” by a vocal mining industry lobby group.

A group of wealthy Australians including former test cricket greats Greg and Ian Chappell last week launched a public campaign looking to derail the multi-billion-dollar mine, port and rail project, which will supply energy coal to Indian power plants.

But the Australian Mines and Metals Association has criticised the petition, saying it ignores the major economic and societal benefits.

“There are a number of well-known Australians among the signatories to this petition,” AMMA boss Steve Knott said on March 17.

“No-one begrudges them their successes and any wealth that may have come as a result, but it must be remembered that the Adani project will provide enormous benefits to people and communities who are doing it much tougher.”

Knott said the project will inject roughly $21 billion into the Queensland economy, and provide around 10,000 jobs during construction.

On top of this, he said, Carmichael coal will end up supplying energy to India, a country which still has 300 million people living without electricity.

“This project has been through years of delays, challenges and vexatious litigation by misinformed activist groups,” Knott said.

“It is subject to more than 200 strict environment conditions that will ensure no impact on the Great Barrier Reef, and has had bi-partisan support from Liberal and Labor state and federal governments.

“It is time to drop the misguided activism that fails to consider the facts around the Carmichael Coal project and to support Adani in getting this significantly positive development off the ground.”

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