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Advancements for belt weighing – The IntelliRoll now capable of more weighing solutions

At the forefront of belt weigher technology, CST is winning awards with its new product the IntelliRoll. Due to the evolving needs of their customers, CST has expanded the development of the IntelliRoll even further.

The IntelliRoll is a low cost low maintenance wireless, autonomous, self-generating belt weigher in a single roller. The IntelliRoll can enable sites to gather data from difficult, hard-to-reach or faraway places and gather useful data between feed points where larger weighers can’t be assembled.

This is a versatile solution which avoids the complexities and costs of large weigh frame construction or installation. The IntelliRoll may not have the highest level of accuracy and robust advantages of a custom large weigh frame installation, but in some locations, this just isn’t possible – and the data gathered is still vital information to have.

The IntelliRoll has many advanced features like connectivity to existing PLC via Wifi network, or directly to a smart device using Bluetooth or Wifi. There are other capabilities such as storing data on board which can then be logged later.  Multiple IntelliRolls can also be linked together to increase overall accuracy of the weigh data. The IntelliRoll can be fitted to mobile or remote plants without power cabling.

The IntelliRoll is bringing weighing capability to whole new markets in agriculture, waste management, quarrying and smaller mining operations as well as a new level of data gathering for process control in large ore processing plants.

Now CST have advanced the application of IntelliRoll by developing the IntelliRoll Communicator.

At the forefront of belt weigher technology, CST is winning awards with its new product the IntelliRoll. Due to the evolving needs of their customers, CST has expanded the development of the IntelliRoll even further.
The IntelliRoll Communicator. Image: CST

The IntelliRoll Communicator sits adjacent to a conveyor and converts the IntelliRoll Wifi signal to 4-20Ma and digital pulses. This sends totaliser, flow rate and belt speed information from your IntelliRoll to the destination by wire. The IntelliRoll Communicator houses a power supply, two point analog output plug in, microcontroller and wireless access point into a radio-transparent enclosure with din rail. Additional I/O channels are available.

The IntelliRoll Communicator was developed after CST was approached by customers wanting a way to make the IntelliRoll more easily integrated into site legacy systems or where there is no Wifi network.

Many sites will replace their existing weighers of lesser quality with IntelliRolls, and they may have existing wiring in place already and may wish to use that to transfer information such as belt speed and totaliser to their control rooms. Other sites install IntelliRoll in new locations and find the best communication system is by wiring rather than Wifi. They gain the advantages of IntelliRoll (low cost good repeatability, quick installation and self powering) with their preferred communications method.

This enables customers to weigh using the IntelliRoll in more places, on more sites, and fulfil more needs than ever before.

Although new tech is often intriguing, it is not always appropriate or available to all sites and in all situations. CST conventional weighers are bigger, stronger and more rigid than typical competitors’ units for given circumstances in order to achieve higher operational accuracy rather than just claimed accuracy. Communications can be by 4-20Ma and digital pulses or Modbus as standard, various optional protocols, or even by 5G modem for remote access by internet. These larger weigher solutions also provide custom design for specific needs and longevity considerations for each individual application.

Some typical applications for this development will be on quarries, where short or unusual conveyors may not be suitable for conventional weighers. An IntelliRoll would suit perfectly. However, now with the IntelliRoll Communicator, even sites without a network can take advantage of all the benefits the IntelliRoll has to offer.

Another typical application for the Intelliroll is in a difficult tight spot where conventional weighers cannot either fit or be used. Access to these locations is often difficult or restricted (for safety or other reasons). Previously it was not always practicable to get close enough to the weigher to use your smart phone to connect to an IntelliRoll. Now, with the IntelliRoll Communicator, it is not necessary to be physically nearby, the full advantages of an IntelliRoll can be realised despite the inaccessibility.

Similarly, on a large mine sites with remote conveyors that are beyond the reach of your networks, CST now has an advanced IntelliRoll solution using the IntelliRoll Communicator.

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