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Aurora installs automated palletising line

Aurora Process Solutions has installed a new, automated palletising line that has allowed the Matraville-based Maroubra Building Supplies to almost triple its output.

Louie Papadakis, Managing Director of MBS Sand and Cement says the new line allows the business to provide another level of quality service to it valued customers.

“We highly recommend Aurora, as we’ve built a trustworthy relationship which I value for not just today but for the future. They work alongside us and proactively communicate, and they are super reliable,” he said.

Luke Stevens, Packaging Plant Manager for MBS Sand and Cement, says the machine has made a huge difference for output.

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It has made my work so much more efficient and quicker. I did have to do a lot of this by hand before, so it has definitely made my life a lot easier,” Stevens said

“The machine is almost tripled our output. About an extra 30-40 pallets more than what we were doing before. If a customer puts in an order in the morning for the afternoon, I can get it done in less than an hour

“Aurora were very easy to deal with and with their pretty much 24/7 support team I didn’t have any issues at all”

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