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Battery boom: Vortex Global helps clients harness their electric era

Vortex Global is building the critical components to help customers in battery production manufacture the products of the future for key industries.

The era of electric power has arrived.

As operators and industries transition towards clean energy, battery technology is increasingly trusted as the energy source for many trades.

When managing this clean energy transition, businesses seek an adaptable energy source that can be used across multiple applications.

Batteries are versatile enough to meet these demands, and as a result, the battery boom has entered alongside this electric-driven era. According to recent data, market researchers suggest the global battery market could reach $152.3 billion by 2025.

Given the importance of battery technology for heavy industries and areas like the medical field and beyond, high-quality production is essential.

To achieve this outcome, producers are turning to trusted materials solutions providers like US-based Vortex Global to design and manufacture the components to bring us the technology of the future.

Vortex Global, which specialises in bulk handling solutions, has a strong reputation in battery production.  The company’s components have been used by some of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, with a focus on safe and efficient battery production.

Vortex Global’s team can provide bulk handling materials advice, which is key to getting the components suited to your battery production needs.


The right components manufacturer can provide valuable insights and guidance for selecting the most suitable materials and designing effective equipment.

Material compatibility of manufacturing components plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of battery production. Incompatible materials can alter the battery’s chemical composition, reducing its efficiency, lifespan, and overall performance. Therefore, understanding the nature of these materials, their compatibility, and their interactions is critical to manufacturing safe, effective, and sustainable batteries.

To ensure safety and effectiveness in battery manufacturing, it is critical to work with a components manufacturer who understands the unique challenges presented by this industry. Manufacturers with expertise in material compatibility can engineer the right equipment designed to handle potentially reactive or corrosive substances with utmost care.

This is particularly significant when we consider that certain materials, including carbon steel, iron, zinc, brass, bronze, copper, tin, or galvanised materials, must be strictly avoided due to their potential risk of adverse chemical reactions and subsequent production issues.

Adequately engineered equipment can also help contain potentially harmful materials within the production system, limiting workers’ direct exposure. This ensures a safer working environment, fostering not just the workforce’s well-being but also enhancing productivity and efficiency in production.


Partnering with the right components manufacturer with experience with bulk solids, like Vortex Global, is critical.

The US-based company can design, fabricate and manufacture various components for battery production.

The company has a proven track record with its range, which includes roller gates, pivoting chute diverters, loading spouts, gravity vee diverters, flex tube diverters, clear action gates, and wye line diverters.

Vortex Global’s experienced team is on hand to help advise which components would bolster your battery production system.

“With decades of experience handling many of the world’s toughest dry bulk materials, Vortex is here to make sure you are getting the equipment suited for your battery production needs,” the company said.

“We have been working with some of the industry’s most prominent manufacturers to develop and hone the equipment to be suited for safe battery production.

“Let us assist you as you help build the future of power production and use in our world.”

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