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BBCP boosts belt cleaner performance

Belle Banne Conveyor Products (BBCP) has added a new Automatic Tensioning System to its belt cleaner line-up, helping to eliminate carryback and simplify cleaner maintenance.

Efficient belt cleaner tensioning plays an integral part in the overall performance of a conveyor system. Carryback from poorly adjusted belt cleaners leads to excessive material clean-up, premature conveyor component wear and avoidable plant safety risks. 

Traditional cleaners require continual periodic adjustment to ensure they are cleaning efficiently over their installed life.  

The newest addition to BBCP’s range, the Automatic Tensioning System (ATS) ensures optimal cleaner-belt contact throughout the cleaner’s operational duration.

“I’m really excited about the addition of the ATS to our product range”, BBCP’s managing director Daniel Weekes said.  

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“We have great feedback on the quality and performance of our cleaner components, however once they are installed on-site, there are many variables still required to obtain the sweet-spot of cleaner efficiency: not enough tension and cleaner efficiency drops off, too much and the cleaner tip life is sacrificed.”

One key variable which the ATS eliminates is the human factor in belt cleaner tensioning. This is achieved by the ATS providing constant cleaner tip pressure to the cleaner over its operational duration via gravity – weights apply a consistent low-pressure hydraulic force to the cleaner tips. With gravity alone providing the tip tension, the system floats up or down actively to allow for variable belt profiles and uneven splices.

“The traditional method of testing cleaner tension during commissioning – using spring scales – is great during commissioning however impractical during conveyor operation. Continual cleaner tension adjustments are required as the cleaner tips wear. This can come down to experience, operator ‘feel’ and in some occasions, guesswork.”

ATS units do not require any external power supply, making them both reliable and installation friendly. “From a site point of view, installation is simple,” Weekes said. “The ATS can be retrofitted to our existing cleaner range, modifications to the existing plant are virtually zero or very low impact”.

Excellent ROI is achieved on heavy carryback belts, as more saleable material stays on the belt, site clean-up effort due to carryback is all but eliminated and component wear is drastically reduced. One such example at a Pilbara iron ore conveyor resulted in 90 per cent less carry back and 60 per cent reduction in idler failure and associated downtime, when compared to the previous tensioning system. 

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