Sunday 26th Sep, 2021

BHP to hire 1500 to support economy

BHP's Western Australian iron ore operations in the Pilbara. Image: BHP
BHP's Western Australian iron ore operations in the Pilbara. Image: BHP

BHP will hire 1500 additional people to support its workforce across Australia for the next six months.

The jobs will be offered as six-month contracts and will cover a range of skills required by BHP operations in the short term.

The company aims to support and bolster its existing workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Roles will include machinery and production operators, truck and ancillary equipment drivers, excavator operators, diesel mechanics boilermakers, trades assistants, electricians, cleaners and warehousing roles across the company’s coal, iron ore and copper operations in Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Jobs will be offered through existing labour hire partners and BHP contracts in each state.

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Following the initial six-month contract, BHP will look to offer permanent roles for some of these jobs.

BHP said it will continue to assess the program and may increase the number of jobs available.

BHP Acting Minerals Australia President Edgar Basto said supporting the company’s people, communities and partners, safely, is the highest priority.

“As part of BHP’s social distancing measures we are introducing more small teams with critical skills to work dynamically across different shifts,” he said.

“The Government has said that resources industry is vital in Australia’s response to the global pandemic.  We are stepping up and providing jobs and contracts. Our suppliers, large and small, play a critical role in supporting our operations. It is a tough time for our communities and the economy. We must look out for each other as we manage through this together.”