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Bonfiglioli appoints South Australian distributor

A local distributor has become the first South Australian company to offer certified assembly services for Bonfiglioli solutions.

A local distributor has become the first South Australian company to offer certified assembly services for Bonfiglioli solutions.

Motion Control, an Adelaide-based power transmission, has acquired a machine that makes it totally unique in the local market.

The company invested in a Bonfiglioli assembly machine, sourced directly from its headquarters in Italy.

As a result, Motion Control is the only local distributor (besides Bonfiglioli itself) certified and accredited to carry out complete assembly of Bonfiglioli solutions.

Claude Masiero, Motion Control’s general manager, told ABHR the investment enables the company to provide better services to service Bonfiglioli customers across South Australia.

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“Previously we had to source products from Sydney and this meant clients waited for a week at least. Now we can offer the same day turnaround on delivery and don’t charge extra for it,” he said.

The company also offers 24/7 support service (including breakdowns) and the supply of spares and repair services, as well as local building of planetaries.

Motion Control has been supplying complete power transmission products to a wide range of industries (from food and beverage, to packaging, winery, automotive and mining) throughout South Australia, since 1993.

Its large stockholding and extensive service offering has made it a valuable partner to Bonfiglioli.

“We have found that the diversity of Bonfiglioli’s range of solutions makes it well-suited for use across industries, and in applications of all types. Customers could use one brand all the way through their plant, and this simplifies maintenance,” Masiero said.

The company provides solutions ranging from motor gearboxes to complete drive systems.

The partnership between the businesses was demonstrated in a recent project completed for a steel plant located in South Australia.

Motion Control was commissioned to upgrade a ball mill drive system and it recommended the installation of 2HD boxes, from Bonfiglioli’s range.

“Bonfiglioli assembled these gearboxes in Sydney, where they were tested and laser aligned. Bonfiglioli also carried out the commissioning on site. The customer will be able to secure spare parts and service from Motion Control,” Masiero said.

“We have very good relationships with our partner OEMs. The good rapport we have established with these companies demonstrates the longevity of our relationships, and that we’ve seen each other through the good and bad times.

“Through our experience, we always work out the best solutions for customers. Our investment in the new Bonfiglioli assembly machine now enables us to put together products and solutions in no time”.

Danie De Vries, Bonfiglioli regional manager for South Australia said having a distributor like Motion Control, with assembly capability that can react to market requirement very quickly, is invaluable.

“With the geographical area of South Australia being as large as it is, servicing the market remotely from Victoria was very difficult,” De Vries said. 

“The South Australian market, including the Victoria and Tasmania regions, has always been an important part of our business, making up 20% of total sales. In spite of various challenges experienced in the last year, the opportunities for market growth are positive”. 

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