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Bonfiglioli collaborates with Vector Lifting for Perth Metro Network

Vector Lifting and Bonfiglioli have installed 24 lifting jacks for the Perth Transport Authority (PTA) to elevate train bodies for inspection.

The PTA introduced a new fleet of trains to the network and opened a new maintenance facility in Perth, requiring the installation of 24 lifting jacks for the Perth Metro Network.

Vector Lifting won the tender for the supply and installation of a turnkey jack system, which elevates the train body off the track so that the chassis and wheelset can be inspected, repaired, or exchanged.

Vector Lifting mechanical engineer Clinton Capelli said the PTA required a large number of jacks for the maintenance facility.

“Our jacks are synchronised and run through a controlled PLC system to lift all 24 jacks at the same time, same speed and to just the right height,” Capelli said.

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“One of the reasons we were selected for this project – besides the fact that this is a highly specialised application – is that we are local specialist manufacturer who are price-competitive.”

To complete the jack system, Vector Lifting sought gearboxes from its long-time supplier, Bonfiglioli.

“We have developed a good relationship with Bonfiglioli because we believe in their product – it is robust and reliable. Their short lead time and rapid manufacture of custom gearboxes is ideal. They always offer us very good product and technical support, and understand the pressures of our business,” Capelli said.

Bonfiglioli supplied Vector Lifting with 24 A Series, helical gearboxes, delivered via single consignment, ensuring that Vector Lifting would meet the PTA deadlines in spite of the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Bonfiglioli offer local stock and assembly, and in the case of large orders which may require an import, they achieve a quick turnaround because of their wide international footprint and manufacturing setups,” Capelli said.

Bonfiglioli state sales manager Fred Whalley said the A Series is best suited to the jack system design and required minimal adaption.

The helical bevel gear units offer a wide torque range and high efficiency in a compact and durable design. They enable smooth, easy handling of goods, even under the most demanding conditions.

“We have a large local stock holding but in the case of larger orders we are able to bring them in from Italy in a very short period of time,” Whalley said.

Vector Lifting and Bonfiglioli have collaborated for over 22 years.

“Theirs is a tried and tested model – they always order the right product for the application,” Whalley said.

“They boast a professional engineering team, well-versed in the principles of mechanical engineering. We enjoy working with them”.

The pairing with Bonfiglioli has benefited Vector Lifting, in return.

“Customers choose our products because we collaborate with Bonfiglioli and other suppliers who help us deliver a good product that can stand the test of time,” Capelli said.

“We feel that Bonfiglioli mirrors what is important to us in their own company ethos and how they interact with customers. This is important to us, to deal with like-minded people. Bonfiglioli also helps us support our product”.


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