Sunday 29th Mar, 2020

Bonfiglioli: When heavy-duty calls

Gearmotor and drive system manufacturer Bonfiglioli has delivered two heavy-duty gear units for an apron feeder on a mining project.

The apron feeder makes use of Bonfiglioli’s combo unit, which is made up of its HD Series combined with the 300M planetary geared motor series.

Bonfiglioli Managing Director Martin Broglia said this particular project required low speeds to transport heavy materials.

“In mining, apron feeders ensure smooth operations and increased uptime. The durability and reliability of the products used in an application like this are crucial,” he said.

“Thanks to the sheer size of these units, special equipment may be needed for maintenance; and although planned maintenance is key and companies are equipped to deal with breakdowns, unexpected stop in production needs to be avoided”.

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The apron feeder uses the combo unit to provide a cost-effective and lightweight solution compared to other methods of power transmission.

It was designed and assembled at Bonfiglioli’s production unit in Sydney, where in-house service and spare parts are available.

Bonfiglioli’s 300M series has a modular design and can be customised to match an array of applications. It can also be completed with a range of electric motors manufactured by Bonfiglioli.

Broglia said the combo unites have been refined over the last couple of years through continuous improvement and product development.

“The 300 Series can withstand the harshest environments without the need for downtime. This planetary gearbox achieves top-class flexibility thanks to several outputs, as well as input configurations available for all 20 sizes,” he said.

The Combo Unit also features a high torque output, with a torque range of 1250 to 1286, 700 newton metres, meaning it is perfect for use in explosive environments, being shock resistant and featuring a built-in cooling fan.

For convenience, the unit can be configured to suit a range of sites and Bonfiglioli is there to assist companies in getting it set up right for their operation.

“The output shaft can be chosen both in the parallel or right-angle configuration to ensure minimisation of mounting space,” Broglia said.

“Bonfiglioli is well placed to assist customers with their heavy-duty applications.”