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Bonfiglioli’s range of hoist drive units deliver on safety and reliability

Bonfiglioli has recently added the HF series to its portfolio of gear motors, following a detailed study on operating equipment in real-time.

The series features three units: the HF40, HF60 and HF125, designed to carry 4, 6 and 12.5 tons respectively.

Martin Broglia, Managing Director of Bonfiglioli Australia said these units are specifically designed for hoist applications in material handling cranes.

“Our international team worked closely with several prominent crane manufacturers to better understand the operating challenges that they faced. Our range was designed to combat these demands,” he said.

The range was also designed for higher FEM and ISO classes to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.

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“In addition, the higher input to output offset and the higher space between the motor and drum install provides an advantage for OEMs to choose from a wide range of drum sizes available to the market.”

With the commercial construction activity that Australia is currently experiencing, Broglia believes that there is no better time to bring the HF series to market. He outlines the added benefits as follows:

  • Rugged structural design and high load carrying capacity: “This series features a high radial load carrying capacity – a key requirement for hoists/ cranes.”
  • High centre and offset distance: “OEMs can select from a wide range of drum sizes and motor frame size combinations.”
  • Wide range of output connections: “This provides added design flexibility for OEMs.”
  • High performance gears and bearings: “Gear profiles are optimised and designed for high power density and to satisfy a wide range of FEM/ ISO mechanism classes. It also offers superior bearings to support higher loads.”

The HF series also offers an array of gearbox mounting options and the option to include an external brake solution for additional safety.

Martin said the series will be a welcomed addition to its portfolio.

“As heavy-duty specialists, we are so pleased to bring this series to market. Our customers trust us to bring reliable solutions for the most demanding applications to market. We are excited to see their response to the HF series,” he said.

Visit Bonfiglioli at stand 4146 during BULK 2022 at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

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