Saturday 16th Jan, 2021

Boral opens new asphalt plant in Toowoomba

Boral has opened a new asphalt plant in Charlton Toowoomba, replacing its former site at Industrial Avenue.

General Manager of Boral’s Queensland Asphalt Business Rob McGuire said the Industrial Avenue plant was closed because it was unsuitable for growth.

“Boral’s confidence in the Toowoomba region has led us to invest $13 million at this site, we are proud to be part of the Toowoomba community and look forward to supplying quality asphalt products and services well into the future,” McGuire said.

The site is equipped with the latest technology and emission controls, conforming to Boral’s sustainability goals.

“This means providing a safe, diverse and rewarding workplace for our people, seeking to minimise environmental impacts and taking a socially responsible approach to how we operate.

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“Delivering world-class safety performance, and developing less resource and energy-intensive products for our customers is central to our vision of delivering performance excellence and sustainable growth,” McGuire said.

According to McGuire, the plant can process reclaimed asphalt pavement, meaning once old road surfaces are removed, they can be processed at the facility and used as a raw material to manufacture asphalt — reducing the need for virgin rock and bitumen.

McGuire said the new plants provides an opportunity to showcase ENVISIA, a product from Boral’s Advanced Concrete range.

ENVISIA is a lower carbon concrete with properties similar to standard concrete, designed to require up to 65 per cent less cement in the manufacturing process without impacting on performance.

Boral Asphalt employs more than 85 people in the Toowoomba region and the new plant will provide 16 permanent jobs.