Thursday 18th Aug, 2022

Boral secures grant for AI research into improving concrete

Boral and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have formed a five-year partnership to accelerate the research, development and commercialisation of low carbon concrete.
Image: Anna Zhou

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has awarded Boral and the University of NSW (UNSW) a grant to use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to improve concrete performance.

The $384,000 grant will also help Boral to bring its sustainable products to market.

Boral General Manager – Innovation Development Louise Keyte said it was a great result for the working team and recognises the value of its collaboration with UNSW.

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“This funding helps Boral to continue to invest in research and development that is focused on superior performing products and solutions for our customers that deliver a lower carbon footprint and use more recycled content,” Keyte said.

“This funding will enable us to pursue projects using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

“These projects will lead to a paradigm shift in concrete design methodology – which has traditionally focused on meeting mechanical performance objectives – to a more holistic approach that maximises durability and longevity of concrete as well as mechanical performance and reduces environmental impacts.”