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Bringing over 100 years of industry experience together

Transmin and Martin Engineering have launched a new partnership to enhance their bulk handling offerings. 

Bulk materials handling equipment manufacturer Transmin launched its ConveyorPro brand around five years ago to consolidate its conveyor offering under one brand.

It acts as a one-stop-shop for any business operating conveyors or feeders across all industry sectors. Its range includes everything from belt and chain, to idlers, pulleys, tools, cleaners and scrapers, calibration systems and tramp detection/removal systems.

Adam Dodson, Head of Aftermarket at Transmin says the ConveyorPro team is always on the lookout for ways to further complement its offering, which has led to a new partnership forming.

“Martin Engineering is a very well established and recognised company. They’ve been around for 75 years and offer a unique product range of cleaners, scrapers, air cannons and impact beds which will allow us to provide a more effective solution to some of the problems faced by our customers.”

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One product that Transmin was impressed by was Martin Engineering’s CleanScrape Primary Cleaners. The cleaners are installed diagonally across the discharge pulley, forming a three-dimensional curve beneath the discharge area, allowing minimal space for installation.  Its unique design offers a range of advantages over traditional belt cleaners including, low belt wear, extended service life, reduced maintenance, and improved safety, ultimately delivering lower cost of ownership. It has been proving itself in a wide range of applications, such as mining, coal handling, quarrying, cement, and other material bulk handling operations.

Alvaro Chacon, Martin Engineering’s Australian Managing Director, says the professional presence Transmin has developed in the Australian mining sector brings it with better options for the bulk handling industry.

“Finding out what our customers want is an important part of the process for us,” Chacon says. “Martin Engineering is a world-leader when it comes to conveyor solutions and the key features of the technology, we provide is the result of constant development.”

“Innovation takes us to the next step, which is why we have a centre for innovation to generate solutions for specific applications, instead of just providing of options and products.

“Partnering with Transmin means we will be bringing together the resources of people, products and processes. People with the knowledge of the processes to solve problems with the right products.”

The two companies aim to improve their tendering opportunities through an enhanced knowledgebase and customer base. The businesses will also share information with one another to enhance development and help to create unique market offerings.

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