Friday 27th May, 2022

BULK2020 Spotlight: Vega Australia

Measurement technology specialist VEGA is helping Australian companies keep track of their grain levels, even in dusty and noisy environments.

With BULK 2020 less than a year away, ABHR sat down with VEGA Australia Managing Director John Leadbetter to ask why the company was supporting the show.

The bulk handling sector is a major supporter of industries that contribute billions to Australia’s economy each year.

However, it has been many years since there has been a dedicated exhibition for the bulk handling sector in Australia.

BULK2020 seeks to change this. The event is set to bring members from the bulk handling industry under one roof to showcase the latest technology, insights and services the sector has to offer.

One company supporting this endeavour is level management company VEGA Australia.

VEGA is active in more than 80 countries and has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors that provide solutions for measuring challenges. The company’s technology has been implemented across a vast array of different industries, from mining to food to chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

John Leadbetter, VEGA Australia Managing Director, says the bulk handling sector is huge, filled with large amounts of high value markets.

“BULK2020 is more than just a mining show, or a food show. It offers the chance to connect with a wide breadth of different industries that can all benefit from new bulk handling technology,”
he says.

The trade show has been designed for bulk commodity producers that use equipment to move bulk goods, either domestically or internationally. It will feature exhibitors that provide solutions and technologies such as conveyors, chutes, rollers, rail, robotics, pulleys, excavators, silos, hoppers, compactors and dozens more.

With such a broad mix of businesses attending, Mr Leadbetter aims to bring VEGA Australia’s experience to potential customers in different fields.

“Not everyone will have 30 tanks or silos they need to monitor; some companies may only use one or two in their factory. They might not know of the technology that is out there which could be used to improve productivity,” he says.

“We design products around applications, so if a certain product has been designed for dusty environments, it can translate across sectors. For example, a radar level sensor could be used to measure both cement powders or flour.

“It also plays a part in our ongoing technological development, which is based around customer feedback. If we are able to better understand what customers want out of the technology, we’re more able to design faster, smaller or more precise solutions,” Mr Leadbetter adds.

VEGA Australia has been closely collaborating with its team in Germany to get involved in BULK2020. The company is a trade show veteran and is sharing its experience with its Australian team, which is using its understanding of the culture to reach potential customers.

With the April 2020 event creeping closer, the VEGA team are excitedly planning and designing their stall, brainstorming different ways to physically demonstrate their products.

Mr Leadbetter says the company is proud to support BULK2020, as the event supports the broader Australian industry.

“With the reduction of our local manufacturing industry, there is a need to get behind the industries that are still supporting Australia,”
he says.

“BULK2020 is going to be a huge show and we’re all excited to boost our company’s profile through it. There’s a real opportunity here to develop a deeper understanding of the market while helping to grow the bulk handling sector through our latest innovations which are geared towards this industry.”