Sunday 20th Oct, 2019

Canadian bulk wheat import arrives in Australia

Australia’s winter crop production prospects gave deteriorated thanks to unfavourable growing conditions in New South Wales and Queensland, according to the Department of Agriculture’s crop report.

A shipment of Canadian bulk wheat has reached Australian shores in response to drought pressures in the local market.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources issued an import permit for the wheat on 14 May, which will be subject to strict transport and processing conditions to manage biosecurity risks.

The department also conducted an extensive assessment of the potential biosecurity risks associated with the entire import pathway.

It is the first time Australia has needed to import grain since 2001.

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The shipment of bulk wheat will be securely transported from the point of discharge through to the point of processing, where it will be stored and processed under biosecurity control at a facility approved by the department.

In a release, the department said it is satisfied the conditions imposed through the import permit effectively manage any potential biosecurity risks.