Sunday 1st Mar, 2020

Canegrowers appoint next chairman

Paul Schembri has been appointed as Chairman of sugar cane farmer advocacy group Canegrowers.

He will be supported by two Vice Chairmen, Plane Creek district grower Kevin Borg and Burdekin district grower Owen Menkens.

The appointments were made at a meeting of the organisation’s Policy Council, which is made up of representatives from all of Queensland’s sugarcane regions.

Schembri said he was delighted and humbled to have the support of his colleagues to continue as Chairman.

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“Across the 13 district companies which make up Canegrowers, 86 of my fellow growers have been elected to take on representative roles for the next three years. It will be an honour to work as a team with them,” he said.

“We are all very busy running our businesses but have decided to take the time to give back to our industry and to help guide and nurture it for the future. This is a privilege and a challenge.

“I wish all of my fellow Directors well for the next three years as we face the challenges of a low-price environment and encourage continued Australian Government engagement with the World Trade Organisation to combat subsidies that distort the world market.”

Schembri said the organisation will also continue its work to chart a sustainable future for  farms and the Queensland environment while opposing the State Government’s big stick approach to grab private business data.