Gearing up for a successful drive solution

When asked about the features defining suitable gear reducers for the mining industry, Lee Quigley, Head Product Management and Global Sourcing, points out the ease of installation and the ability to resist contamination. In 2015, BSC joined hands with bulk material handling solution provider, ABB, to launch a bulk material handling program, which would consult companies on how to upgrade and improve their existing conveyor belts using the latest ABB solution on offer: The Dodge Motorised Torque Arm II, better known as
the MTAII. “These drives are designed exclusively for belt conveyor applications and are primarily used in the cement and quarry, grain-handling, and power plant industries,” says Lee. “They have the capacity to be mounted on any standard AC motors and the patented Dodge twin-tapering bushing system allows for easy mounting and dismounting.” The MTAII is available in single drive assembly, dual drive assembly or screw conveyor drive assembly. Each one is built using heavy-duty tapered roller bearings and case carburised gears throughout. Read More

Prime Creative Media surveys business leaders across 15 industries on effects of COVID restrictions and prospects for recovery 

From 28 May to 5 June 2020, Prime Creative Media surveyed more than 2200 business leaders across 15 industries, to capture sentiment as the country began to lift COVID-19 restrictions. The results paint a relatively positive picture of an industrial landscape experiencing its first recession in almost three decades. Just two-thirds of respondents reported a downturn in business, with almost 10% noting an increase in business. Almost half of all businesses said that they were still looking to invest, a strong sign about the future of Australian industrial sectors. Respondents were also generally supportive of the Federal Government’s response, with three quarters saying it was either strong or acceptable. Read More