Monday 8th Mar, 2021

CBH Group moves record-breaking amount of grain

The CBH Group has revealed its grain exports have increased during the COVID-19 affected months, in comparison to last year.
CBH Grain train. Photo: YouTube / CBH Group

Western Australian grain cooperative, CBH Group has announced that its infrastructure has moved the largest amount of grain in the company’s history.

In the 12 months to September 2019, 8.9 million tonnes of grain was moved by rail to port terminals. These figures include six million tonnes of grain from the Kwinana Zone to the Kwinana Grain Terminal for bulk export.

This was in part due to a record harvest of 16.4 million tonnes, 13.8 million tonnes of which was shipped from CBH Group’s four grain terminals. 6.2 million tonnes were shipped from the Kwinana Grain Terminal.

While these figures were record breaking, global grain market forces left the group with a net loss after tax of $29.7 million and a deficit of $13.3 million.

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Throughout 2019, CBH invested $285.3 million into improving its network,  with funds directed towards expanding storage capacity, improving supply chain efficiency, and infrastructure maintenance.

CBH Group owns 574 wagons, 26 locomotives, and 12 trains, and in the 2019 year leased two additional locomotives and 131 standard and narrow gauge wagons for parts of the year. Due to the record-breaking year, three standard gauge fleets and nine narrow gauge fleets moved the grain crop.