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Chester’s challenge: Make Inland Rail “inevitable”

Inland Rail

Federal infrastructure and transport minister Darren Chester has hinted at his excitement at the prospect of a completed Melbourne to Brisbane inland railway.

Under well-documented plans, the ports of Melbourne and Brisbane would be linked via railway through central New South Wales, avoiding the current bottleneck of the Greater Sydney region.

“My biggest task will be the Melbourne-Brisbane inland rail project,” the Minister told the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia conference in Melbourne.

“We are very keen to see this game-changing project delivered and transforming how we move goods in this country.

“We believe, and I think we have the support of our Opposition colleagues, the inland rail is a smart solution and in the nation’s best long-term interests.”

Mr Chester said the railway was on the list of key projects for Infrastructure Australia.

“You can plan on the inland rail project going ahead.

“My challenge in this term of government is to make the project inevitable.

“Build momentum for the project regardless of which side of politics is in power.”

The Minister’s presentation touched on several themes, including that the Commonwealth would be an active participant in infrastructure policy and not simply an “ATM for the states”.


This story was originally published on ABHR affiliate Lloyd’s List Australia.

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