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China lifts dairy product ban

Australian dairy producers are again allowed to sell UHT and powdered milk to China, after the company’s regulators lifted a ban on the products.

Chinese regulators last week cracked down on imported food and consumer goods coming into the country at airports and through some of its largest e-commerce sites.

Under the new policy, China published a list of products allowed to be imported, which last week included several major dairy products.

Murray Goulburn, one of Australia’s largest agricultural processors, said on Monday that the ban on its Devondale products had effectively been lifted.

The company confirmed that cross border e-commerce trade in both UHT and adult milk powders was interrupted for a week, but said those products had since been added to China’s list of allowed imports.

“MG notes the release by Chinese regulators on Friday evening (15 April) of a revised ‘positives’ list regarding products capable of cross-border trade,” the company said on April 18.

“Both UHT and adult milk powder products, which were omitted from the previous list, are specifically included in this revised list.

“MG has been advised by various commercial partners that they intend to return MG’s Devondale UHT and adult milk poder products to their cross-border platforms in the coming days.”

Murray Goulburn has said repeatedly that it does not expect the action to have a material impact on its business.

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