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China trade restrictions lifted on Australian hay

Trade impediments on hay imports between Australia and China have been lifted, benefitting South Australia’s hay industry.

Prior to the imposition of trade impediments in the 2021-22 financial year, South Australian hay exports to China were worth approximately $33 million. Nationally China accounted for over 15 per cent of Australian hay and chaff export.

Following a record year for crop yields, the lifting of these trade impediments has the potential to be particularly lucrative for South Australian farmers.

Federal Trade Minister Senator Don Farrell described the move to lift trade impediments on the import of hay as “another positive step forward”.

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SA Primary Industries Minister Clare Scriven said the easing of these restrictions is another positive step forward for our South Australian farmers.

“On the back of a record year for crop yields, South Australia’s grain sector now has the opportunity to continue to thrive,” she said.

Balco Australia CEO Rob Lawson said the announcement is fantastic news for SA’s oaten hay industry.

“We have enjoyed strong relationships with customers in China over many years, and we are looking forward to re-establishing and growing those relationships to supply our premium quality product to the benefit of China’s agricultural industry,” Lawson said.

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