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Clinker conveyors for Saudi plant

Aumund has supplied clinker conveying equipment for two new cement lines in Saudi Arabia.

Yamama Saudi Cement Company, one of the biggest cement producers in Saudi Arabia, will start up two turnkey clinker production lines in 2018 at a new site to the south west of the capital city, Riyadh.

The two lines, with a combined capacity of 20,000 t/d, are being built by Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions. In 2016, Aumund won the order to supply the clinker conveying equipment for both lines.

The large supply package for Yamama Saudi Cement Company includes: 29 chain bucket elevators and 18 belt bucket elevators, in heavy-duty and lighter designs, for these two lines in the Gulf. Filter dust will be conveyed by Aumund chain bucket elevators.

Two Aumund double chain bucket elevators with a capacity of 2,300 t/h were ordered per line as recirculating bucket elevators in the cement mill.

Double chain bucket elevators are specially designed by Aumund for capacities above 1,300 t/h, by combining two standard central chain bucket elevators. Both bucket strands run over the same drive shaft which is held by pillow block bearings and driven by double drive units.

The symmetrical distribution of weight means that the chain and drive shaft should have long life. There is no mechanical connection between the two bucket strands. The chain wheels and tension shafts have separate bearings so that any lengthening of a chain that might occur after a long running time can be adjusted independently of the other.

The supply package for the two lines also includes six Aumund pan conveyors as well as various flat gates, silo discharge gates, telescopic chutes and cleaning conveyors.

“We won the order among other things because of Aumund’s expertise in advising on concept and design”, says Aumund MD, Robert Gruss. “Our strategy is to put our focus on a close relationship with our customers, accompanying them from the initial planning stages right through until after commissioning, and it is gratifying to reap the rewards.”

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