Monday 1st Jun, 2020

Compulsory registration for Victorian engineers one step closer

Engineers in Victoria will now need to be registered after new laws were passed through the State Parliament to improve community safety.

The Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 has passed through Victoria’s Legislative Assembly.

The bill is likely to be debated in the state’s upper house at the end of May, where it has the ability to become law.

Engineers Australia’s General Manager – Victoria Alesha Printz said compulsory registration of engineers in Victoria will result in far higher levels of community safety and consumer protection and called for the continued support of the bill.

“While Victorians in many other professions, including doctors, architects and lawyers, have to register to be able to legally carry out work, there is nothing to stop a person from calling themselves an engineer, even if they are not an engineer,” Printz said.

“Currently, consumers have no real way of knowing whether they are dealing with an engineer who is currently qualified and competent, or if they maintain standards through ongoing professional development and are bound by a code of conduct.

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“Compulsory registration would be a significant step forward for the industry and we urge as many as possible members to support the legislation in the upper house.”

Printz said Engineers Australia has conducted consultation with its Victorian members and found the majority support compulsory registration of engineers.

“In 2019 alone, Engineers Australia has conducted 22 major presentations to members in Victoria, where the issue of compulsory registration has received overwhelming majority support,” she said.

“In addition, public polling has shown that the Victorian community is strongly supportive, with 93 per cent of respondents in a recent poll saying they thought engineers should be “registered or licensed”.