Saturday 2nd Jul, 2022

Continental’s Conti+ smart asset management platform for conveyor solutions

Conveyors are complex systems that form a key asset for many applications. Keeping it up and running is a task that involves multiple teams with broad skillsets.

To minimise conveyor failures and downtime, it is key to properly design and dimension all components as well as perform maintenance routines and regular condition checks.

Conti+ is a web and mobile app service platform that provides its users with a centralised database and a toolbox that help maximise the performance and profitability of a conveyor system operation.

  • Predictive maintenance with monitoring systems that protect belts through early damage detection as well as belt lift and replacement date estimates.
  • View and track critical conveyor system specifications anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Easy organisation and reporting of conveyor data, improving the communication between the stakeholders and enabling smart decisions.
  • Speed up the information recording.