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Contract won for CBH Brookton rail project

The CBH Group has selected a new rail services provider, which will be responsible for rail logistics planning services including train planning and scheduling, tracking, maintenance, inventory control and crew management.

The CBH group has awarded a Western Australian company the rail and civil construction contract for the Brookton rail siding extension project.

Multiplant, a civil infrastructure provider, will be subcontracting and working with Railtrain Holdings Group, who will provide technical capability in rail construction.

Brookton is the first of 11 rail siding extension projects at sites across CBH’s network, funded in partnership with the Western Australian and Commonwealth Government under the $200 million first package of the Agricultural Supply Chain Improvements (ASCI) Program.

Construction will commence at Brookton in February 2023, starting with site establishment, fencing, clearing and earthworks.

The project will improve the efficiency of the rail outloading from the CBH Brookton site and will reduce road movements to the Kwinana Grain Terminal from Brookton and several nearby sites.

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CBH Group chief executive officer Ben Macnamara said the Brookton contract was a significant step forward in the development of critical supply chain and infrastructure improvements for the WA grains industry.

“We are delighted to start construction on the Brookton rail siding extension, a milestone for the suite of ASCI projects we are working on with the State and Federal Governments,” Macnamara said.

“We are very pleased to see the funding commitment by State and Federal Governments into transport infrastructure which will enable Western Australian agricultural products to reach export markets more efficiently.

“Two record harvests in a row highlights the need to continually improve the network to ensure we can move more tonnes to port to meet market demand.”

CBH is investing in new infrastructure at each rail siding extension, maximising the grain outloading capability at key sites in CBH’s storage and handling network.  For the Brookton project, CBH is making significant upgrades to fixed storage facilities and increasing the out-loading capacity of the site.

“Improving the outloading capabilities of Western Australia’s grain supply chain is a major focus for CBH, and we are proud to invest alongside the Government’s rail siding projects with rapid rail loading infrastructure to ensure longer trains can be loaded faster and get to port more efficiently,” Macnamara said.

“We are continuing our work with all stakeholders to deliver the projects funded under Package 1 and look forward to developing future ASCI packages, for the benefit of growers, regional communities and the agriculture industry.”

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