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Conveyor belts built for almost any application

With more than 30 years of experience servicing clients such as Rio Tinto, BHP and FMG, Australian bulk handling equipment manufacturer Transmin, produces and supplies belts under its ConveyorPro brand to suit almost any application.

In most situations, dropping a large boulder onto an expensive piece of equipment is a quick way to break it. However, in the mining industry, this is a daily occurrence.

Mining companies need durable machinery to withstand the daily barrage of materials.

Following continuous research and development into its hybrid feeder, the Low Profile Feeder (LPF), Transmin identified an opportunity to further build on its unique offering.

“We needed a way to assist in the prevention of punctures and tearing, which is why ProTough was developed,” Adam Dodson, Head of Aftermarket at Transmin says.

ProTough was designed from the ground up to be one of the toughest belts on the market, ideal for hard rock mining, quarrying and the recycling industries. It is made up of a hybrid kevlar and steel mesh composite with special grade anti-abrasive, cut and gouge resistant cover, allowing it to withstand high impact rock falls of three metres.

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The belt’s tensile strength exceeds Australian and International Standards. Thanks to its increased durability, the belt is significantly less likely to malfunction and requires less maintenance, reducing operating costs.

ProTough is just one type of belt in Transmin’s toolbox. Dodson says the company’s ConveyorPro brand specialises in providing everything an operator needs for a conveyor, including belts, idlers, rollers, pulleys, impact tables and scrapers.

“ConveyorPro supplies to all industries with an extensive product range all under one roof. If you’re looking for anything conveyors, then ConveyorPro is really your one-stop-shop,” he says.

“We can provide belts with widths that range from 300 millimetres to four metres, with each laboratory tested and independent inspection verification by global leading inspection service providers to ensure the belt will exceed both lifecycle and budget expectations.”

The ConveyorPro team, comprised of a dedicated Business Development Manager, a Product Specialist and an Engineer who work closely with clients in a range of sectors to find the right solution for a specific problem.

Spillage is one of these common problems that ConveyorPro encountered from its customers. Traditionally, the company used a bonded or glued edge, but this depended on the correct alignment of the belt. Glued edges also can detach themselves, making it more inefficient than normal.

The answer to this problem was the ProEdge specialised belt, a high strength belt which uses a pre-supplied hot vulcanised edge strip. The edge keeps material away from the track and componentry while also minimising spillage. It also features vastly more strength when compared with a conventional edge strip, capable of withstanding up to 800 newtons before signs of fatigue.

ConveyorPro’s offering also includes steel cord, multiple fabric, bucket elevator, corrugated side wall, fire resistant, chevron, rip stop, heat resistant and chemical resistant belts.

“ConveyorPro’s team can do all the calculations and design work for a specific application, then provide a quote,” Dodson says.

“As a local West Australian company, we can provide fast, efficient turn around on quotes and we also carry a range of widely used, fast moving items both here and in our Brisbane warehouse, to greatly reduce leadtimes.”

“Depending on client requirements, we can even service equipment and handle field calls.” 

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