Conveyor pulley replacements are easier than ever

TS Global’s range of pulley lifting beams are innovative in reducing the manual handling risks associated with removing and replacing conveyor pulleys.

Pulley replacements are a difficult maintenance task to achieve safely and efficiently, particularly when it comes to reducing human interfacing.

TS Global has heavily invested in the development of a product that uses a telescoping body to secure the beam across the face of the pulley for removal. The lifting beams are completely adjustable to suit varying face widths and include added safety features such as an adjustable front hook.

They are designed and tested in accordance with AS4991 standards and are coupled with additional safety chains to suit the applicable size beam. The design has evolved to include unique cam-style adjustable dog bones, further increasing the lifting beam’s usability and efficiency. 

According to Jamie Whybrow, technical services manager at TS Global, “it was very important for us to develop a product that the end user can effectively and efficiently use whilst ensuring operator safety”.

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“What you need to keep in mind, is if the product is simple and quick to use whilst also assisting the end user to safely achieve their task, it’s a win/win,” he told ABHR. “That’s why we are continually pursuing product improvements.” 

TS Global’s technical service department specialises in belt conveyors and can help end users minimise the manual handling risks associated with pulley replacements. This is done by eliminating the need for personnel to be in an unsafe proximity of the pulley and minimises the requirement for all the mechanical aids typically used for this task.

The TS Global Pulley Lifting Beam can be used on all pulley variants (live shaft and dead shaft) and positions. For cases with an unbalanced load, such as a drive pulley, operators can utilise the cam style dog bones to rapidly adjust the lifts’ centre of gravity.

“While we have a standard range of pulley lifting beams available in small (4.5T WLL), medium (7T WLL) and large (12T WLL), we can also offer custom designs specific for the end user’s needs,” Whybrow said. 

“Our products are designed to require low maintenance,” he said. “All of us at TS Global have done that job before, so we know what is and isn’t easy to maintain.

As an Australian-owned business, TS Global manufactures all its products in-house.

“TS Global offers end-to-end sales and technical support to assist with troubleshooting, design and installation support,” he said.

“We like to go above and beyond for after-sales support and can produce any spares, that the customer may need, at our workshop.”

The company has undergone exceptional growth over the past two years, almost tripling its workforce and expanding heavily into the Western Australian and Queensland markets.

“With a full complement of technical and sales-based personnel, we can increase our market presence and keep moving forward developing innovative products that cater for the market needs,” he said. 

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