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ConveyorPro belts stands up to the toughest conditions

Transmin ConveyorPro has developed a belt that stand up to some of the most heavy-duty applications.

When a belt is punctured, operations are brought to a standstill. Nobody wants to damage equipment or put people at risk. 

That’s why mining companies reached out to bulk material handling equipment manufacturer Transmin ConveyorPro for the toughest belt it could provide.

Amerander ‘Reddy’ Emmadi, business development manager for Transmin ConveyorPro, said its customers wanted a belt could withstand the punishment. 

“ProTough was designed from the ground up to be one of the toughest belts on the market, ideal for hard rock mining, quarrying and the recycling industries,” he told ABHR. 

“It is made up of a hybrid aramid and steel mesh composite with special grade anti-abrasive, cut and gouge resistant cover, allowing it to withstand high impact rock falls of three metres.

“The belt’s tensile strength exceeds Australian and International Standards. Thanks to its increased durability, the belt is significantly less likely to malfunction and requires less maintenance, reducing operating costs.”

The ProTough belt is part of Transmin ConveyorPro brand, which specialises in being a one-stop-shop for everything related to conveyors. The belt was introduced more than two years ago and has been installed in several sites across Australia.

It’s not just the mining industry that has benefitted from the belts. It works for any conveyor line that has sharp materials, or sites where foreign materials can enter the chute.

Arun Sutrave, mechanical engineer for conveyors at Transmin ConveyorPro, said the belts have been used in in-pit primary crusher discharge conveyors, heavy duty belt feeders, steel manufacturing plants and cargo unloading lines.

“We are also now trialling the ProTough belt on lithium sites as well as in the WA Goldfields, and in tailings applications,” he said.

“The belts can be customised depending on what the situation requires – there are different belt cover grades, carcasses and belt cover thicknesses for any application.”

Transmin ConveyorPro’s offering also includes steel cord, multiple ply fabric, bucket elevator, corrugated side wall, fire resistant, chevron, rip stop, heat resistant and chemical resistant belts.

Its aftermarket team can do all the calculations and selection work for a specific application, then provide a quote.

The company has more than 30 years of experience working alongside companies in the mining and heavy industries and draws upon this expertise to find the right solution.

Emmadi said the WA-based company can provide fast, efficient turn around when it comes to quote.

“We carry a range of widely used, fast moving items in WA and in our Brisbane warehouse, to greatly reduce lead times,” he said.

“Depending on client requirements, we can even service equipment and handle field calls.”

Transmin ConveyorPro can supply conveyor products to more than just Australia. It has the capacity to send components to almost anywhere in the world, and has a presence in South Africa, India, and Canada.

ProTough is just one of Transmin ConveyorPro’s products, with several more emerging developments in the pipeline.

“We’re doing some trials at the moment for our conveyor guarding and composite rollers as well,” Emmadi said.

“There is a lot planned for 2023, and we’re excited to grow our conveyor offering even further.” 

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