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CSIRO launches survey into mining industry

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has invited Australians to participate in a survey that aims to shape the future of mining research.

CSIRO engaged Voconiq to conduct the survey that aims to explore the attitudes of Australians towards the mining industry today.

It follows previous surveys in 2014 and 2017, which produced insights on Australians’ expectations for how mining is conducted.

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“Mining plays a crucial role in producing the materials necessary for the transition to low emission technologies, global electrification and global development in general, and conversations generated from surveys like this will help shape the industry’s future, balancing its growth with community expectations,” Rob Hough, CSIRO’s Director of Mineral Resources, said.

“Your insights will be instrumental in guiding our ongoing research.”

CSIRO will use the results from the survey to inform future mining related research initiatives that lead to public reports and academic publications.

The survey is now open, and all Australians 18 years and over who have an opinion on mining are invited to participate.

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