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CST belt scanner provides a wealth of information

Control Systems Technology’s (CST) series of belt weighers are a mass and volume information system (MaVIS) when fitted with a laser scanner.

In addition to normal belt weigher outputs such as total and flow, the MaVIS system outputs real time, on belt, and bulk density information.

The CST ‘Wim3’ belt weigher with scanner provides

  • Cross section (m2)
  • Instant density (kg/m3)
  • Average density (kg/m3)
  • Freeboard LHS(mm) – freeboard left hand side
  • Freeboard RHS(mm) – freeboard right hand side
  • Surcharge angle (degree)
  • LHS belt edge position(mm)
  • RHS belt edge position(mm)
  • Calculated belt width (mm)
  • Highest point height(mm)

The front panel of the MaVIS system shows a conventional belt scale and the scanner output page.

CST Belt Weighers are renowned for high reliability, innovation and accuracy and now with the addition of a profile scanner they have become an indispensable aid to the management of bulk materials flowing on conveyors at mine sites and at ship loading facilities.

MaVIS systems with scanners have been taken up by major mining companies on new projects around Australia and are available now to assist with the management of bulk materials.

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