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CST development for South Australia

Control Systems Technology (CST) has opened a new office in SA, in response to an increase in demand for bulk handling solutions, particularly in the agriculture and mining industries.

South Australia is experiencing rapid growth in the agricultural and mining industries. In response to the increase in demand for bulk handling solutions, Control Systems Technology (CST) has opened a new office in Adelaide.

According to newly appointed CST South Australian Service Manager, Graham Rowlson, a large part of the changes in the area are due to the increase in copper mining.

“Whereas a short while ago the mining sector for the state had suffered somewhat of a slump, due to the decrease in coal mines as fallout from power station closures, the recent increase in demand and price for copper has produced a rapid revival,” Rowlson said.

Rowlson was previously based in NSW, responsible for CST’s maintenance and servicing for over 50 sites which stretched from NSW, through Victoria and into South Australia and Tasmania.

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Now, with Jason Wachowicz sharing the load as NSW service manager, Graham is able to provide a more immediate and accessible CST presence to sites across South Australia and into Victoria from the new office in Adelaide.

With more than 18 years of experience, Rowlson is proud of the way CST is able to provide customers with confidence in a belt weighing system that was previously described as “it ain’t working”.

As well as CST weighing systems, Rowlson’s role at CST has included extensive experience with other brands such as Thermo Ramsey, Schenck, and WebTech.

“Typically, I get involved when there is a particularly knotty problem, or when other service providers have been working on some gear, and the belt weighers are just not performing,” he said.

“The customer has serious doubts about the equipment, to the point they don’t trust them anymore because of all the bad experiences they have had previously.

“When we apply all of our knowledge and experience, since this has been CST’s core business for around 40 years, the customer ends up saying ‘Wow, these numbers now make sense’. They get their confidence back in weighing systems. That’s a buzz for me. You walk away knowing that the weigher works, it is in better condition than when you got there, and the customer is trusting the system again.”

For all of your belt weighing needs, contact CST for reliable and accurate solutions on 1300 784 449 or email

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