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Enhancing efficiency: CST upgrades for legacy bulk weighing systems

A processing plant in Queensland turned to Control Systems Technology (CST) for service and maintenance help. CST was able to significantly improve efficiency and reliability.

A processing plant in Queensland turned to Control Systems Technology (CST) for service and maintenance help. CST was able to significantly improve efficiency and reliability.

CST’s QLD & NT Service Manager, Joel Bearham said, “Over the years, CST had swapped out parts as the plant’s gear became worn or redundant. Using high quality CST replacement components along the way, we managed to consistently provide better results and improve their overall weighing systems”.

The CST WIM3 (MaVIS-ARM) integrator electronics can provide immediate benefits when fitted to any brand of belt weigher.

“Our electronics, especially the WIM3, can run more than one test at once, so you can shorten your calibration time. You can get more answers and more data in the same amount of time – without interrupting the calibration sequence.”

Bearham has worked with CST for 18 years. CST service and repair all brands and makes of conveyor belt weighing equipment.

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“For a long time now, we’ve replaced parts and components on many brands including Ramsey. We have a training room upstairs with all different brands and makes, so our team can see your setup in real time and with hands-on understanding be able to help you, wherever in the world you may be,” he said.

“Although we’re busy, we’re quite available too. We actively service Papua New Guinea for example. I myself have gone off to South Korea, and we’ve had other guys go to Mongolia, as well as our partners and offices all over the globe, (including TD Micronic in Canada). We’ve got techs that are willing to jump on a plane and go anywhere in the world to help people.”

In addition to service and maintenance, CST has an extensive and innovative range of award-winning complete weigh frame systems. Its weigh frames can be retrofitted where other brands have been before, with the added benefit of custom designed solutions.

“It’s an added plus, going in with a full frame designed for its specific purpose. We can design a better solution to fit any need the client has,” Bearham said.

“I think our gear is probably one of the few on the market anywhere in the world where everything is designed for the purpose. It’s not off-the-shelf. We do deal with a lot of other brands, but they are essentially just off-the-shelf, and when it comes to reliability and accuracy in the real world, and especially over a long period of time with so many variables at play at any particular site or installation, design means everything”.

“All our gear is custom built, designed for the purpose and environment for where it is to be fitted.”

CST provides high quality products manufactured in its Australian factory in Revesby, Sydney. Its commitment to innovation and improvement for nearly 40 years has produced valuable contributions to the industry, such as the IntelliRoll (a weigher in a single roller), the Close Spaced Roller Rack (CSRR) for very long or high belt tension conveyors, the WIM3 MaVIS Arm Electronics Integrator and Volumetric Laser Scanner.

“What I love about CST, and what customers tell me they love, is that our team have a genuine want and desire to make sure our instruments perform… that the customers get what they need,” Bearham said.

“It’s not just a tech in the field, they have access to multiple skill sets stretching across many years of experience. Honestly, I think it’s a great team. You can always pick up the phone and call anyone from the owner or one of the engineers or someone in the manufacturing factory, whoever you need to get a hold of. Whatever department it is, you can ring them personally, so there’s a lot of backup and help from the company.”

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