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Cushioned vibrators committed to quality

Oli Vibrators has designed a range of vibrators that can handle some of the worst conditions in bulk handling.

Oli Vibrators has designed a range of vibrators that can handle some of the worst conditions in bulk handling.

The bulk handling sector puts equipment through its paces – whether it’s the harsh, corrosive outdoor environments in heavy industry, or the strict hygiene requirements and precision required in the food industry.

That’s why Oli Vibrator’s range of pneumatic and electric equipment are built.

Mark Thompson, general manager of Oli Vibrators, said poorly designed and manufactured industrial vibrators run the risk of having inferior lifespans that end up costing more in the long term.

“As inferior vibrators start to wear, consistency of performance will drop, which has a flow-on effect to the rest of the operation. Imagine you are producing 10,000 bags of material a day, and then you find that you can’t get your product into the bags properly,” he said.

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“You might need to pull two to three people off the line to deal with this, not only affecting productivity, but also creating an inefficient use of labour.”

Oli Vibrators manufactures its range of robust vibrators to European standards, which are then distributed around the world to its local branches.

Thompson points to the K Type LF cushioned vibrators as an example of the company’s commitment to quality. 

The range has been developed for use on hopper silos, vibrating feeders, compaction tables and channel lines. Its lightweight anodised aluminium body and lubrication-free design ensures longevity of performance in intense environments.

Its linear force gives comfort to detaching hygroscopic and granular materials as well as compaction of the dustier products. With a working temperature range of -20°C up to 130 °C and an operating pressure of 2.0 Bar – 6.0 Bar, Thompson said the K Type linear vibrators are some of   most versatile pneumatic vibrators.

“Whether its in a plastic, food, chemical or construction environment, the K Type linear vibrator will assist in getting your product moving,” he said.

“Its variable frequency and effective transference of the required fwworce together with its compact design and tight footprint make it suited to those often difficult and hard to get at applications. 

“With efficient air consumption and five sizes to the range, the K type LF can be your answer to solving your compaction, flow or detaching problems while protecting your valuable asset.

Vibrators are tools that suit specific tasks and applications, which is why Oli Vibrators Australia works closely with its customers to find the right one.

Its company mission of ‘when you need it, where you need it’ has led the business to focus on delivering the equipment to the client with minimal delay.

Each product also comes with a two-year warranty, which includes full replacement or repair of the product.

Thompson said fast after sales support is critical to many of its customers.

“The vibrator market is competitive, so we rely on our high-quality products, technical expertise and the ability to provide all the specifications an engineer could possibly want,” Thompson said.

“We’ve got all that along with a global network to back us up and specialisation in vibratory equipment.” 

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