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Deal struck for further iron ore exporting at Esperance

A new iron ore exporter will boost trade in Esperance after an agreement was struck to use the port’s existing infrastructure.  

Under the deal, Gold Valley Iron Ore will have access to the iron ore infrastructure at the Port of Esperance including rail receival facilities, conveyors, shed space and the ship loader. 

The deal will boost iron ore trade at the Esperance site by up to 1.5 million tonnes each year.  

“We’re pleased to welcome Gold Valley Iron Ore into our Port of Esperance,” Southern Ports chief executive officer Keith Wilks said.  

“This new trade deal will secure additional iron ore exports through Esperance, which will have additional economic benefits for our region, but also marks a significant milestone for our iron ore circuit.” 

Gold Valley Iron Ore is expected to export its first shipment from the Port of Esperance in September 2024. Iron ore continues to be the Port of Esperance’s most exported commodity, with more than 7.6 million tonnes last year and almost 37 million tonnes from 2018 to 2023. 

“This is a huge win for the local community and the wider Goldfields-Esperance region,” Agricultural Region Minister Shelley Payne said. 

MinRes promises worker redeployment after Yilgarn closure

The announcement came before Mineral Resources announced that it would shut down its Yilgarn operations and look to redeploy workers. Wilks said the announcement would impact the Port of Esperance, where Mineral Resources is a longstanding customer. 

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