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DELKOR delivers decisive dewatering

The TAKRAF Group has developed equipment, systems, and services that can handle the difficult task of dewatering bulk materials.

Wet processing plants at mine sites are harsh environments, requiring extremely robust and reliable equipment. 

Vibration, heat, pressure, and the sheer amount of material that needs to be handled puts significant strain on each part of the process.

Mark Taylor, sales and process support at the TAKRAF group, said DELKOR has proven its reliability in this area through thousands of successful installations.

“DELKOR dewatering and process equipment are specifically designed for the needs of the mining industry,” he said.

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“We offer a unique combination of application experience and product-based knowledge that comes from leveraging our global organisation and aggregating our extensive expertise,” he said.

“Clients benefit from direct technical discussions with our local specialists, who can draw upon this expertise and provide the most suitable local solution that enhances safety, improves sustainability, decreases costs and increases efficiency.”

Taylor said the company is most well-known for its horizontal vacuum belt filters, used in the mining industry for dewatering applications. 

The horizontal belt filter uses vacuum filtration to reliably dewater various commodities, such as iron ore, mineral sands, lead zinc concentrates, and phosphate.

They can be used as standalone machines or in combination with other filtration purposes. Sizes range from one square metre to 162 square metres as a single machine but can be designed for up to 300 square metres.

The belt filters are manufactured in standard rolled and pressed metal sections, from materials including mild, painted, and stainless steels. The large filters are typically site erected, with smaller units fully assembled in the workshop to save on installation time. All major components of the filter are test assembled and dismantled before dispatch to ensure easy assembly at site.

DELKOR also are a market leader in the supply of thickeners with installed units ranging from 1m to 100m diameter with elevated steel tanks up to 62m in diameter. Similar to the belt filter these units are typically manufactured in the largest sizes possible to minimise site installation time.

DELKOR works closely with engineering companies and clients to ensure the solution will work for the application. Taylor said the company has a dedicated aftermarket team that ensures the equipment is running properly.

“We have a large installed base of equipment, so our aftermarket team is available to answer any questions a mine site might have,” he said.

“A huge part of our business is sales and support and as mines get larger, this is becoming even more vital. Mines are now less specialised and rely on the vendor to ensure the equipment is operating at peak efficiency

“Most of our business is from repeat customers, who are impressed by our offering and appreciate the support on offer. We aim to continue providing and supporting high quality products as the market evolves.” 

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