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Make AGI
Sale Price $105,050
Listing Type New
Stock Number 45-120001
RefCode TA1184131


The VR12 reaches up to 10,000 BPH with only 130 HP and ensures that your toughest jobs are taken care of fast. It has 48-feet of 8-inch diameter hose. Combined with the telescoping inlet and the standing floor sweep, cleans up grain within a 52-foot radius from the base of the machine.

The Standard Hose Package Includes:

- 10 Diameter Telescoping Inlet, 5 long
- One Bin Load-Out Nozzle, 3 long
- One Standing Floor Sweep with Handles, 4 long
- One Clean-up Nozzle with Wheels
- One Stainless Steel Flex Hose, 3 long
- Four Flexible Stainless Steel Hose, 4 long each
- Two Aluminium Pipes, 7 ½ long each
- One Aluminium Pipe, 5 long
- One Basketweave Hose, 7 ½ long
- Three Hose Caddys

Specifically designed to minimize impact and maximize the auger feed - the drive shaft is mounted on the outside where you can get at it.

Our GrainVacs feature leak-proof cleanout doors with the ability to fully open without tools. Its all about speed and efficiency.

Chrome Augers AGI GrainVacs use ¼-thick, spring-loaded chrome flighting, allowing it to float on the bearings. This ensures correct line-up every time you fold the augers up and down.

The Air System Our air system is designed for speed, efficiency and longevity. At a sound volume quieter than the tractor, three critical components work together producing high-pressure suction to pull grain into the machine: 1) the fan, 2) the air throttle and 3) the air lock.

The Fan Lasts 25% longer than previous models. This means approximately 80 more hours of working time for the average user (based on extensive testing).

The Air Throttle Automatically manages suction according to how much grain is flowing into the system. This allows the user to adjust the amount of grain going through. Suction can be manually adjusted to suit the situation.

The Air Lock Spring-loaded, two flap air lock designed to be pushed as far as needed for the grain to exit the GrainVac fast.

GrainVacs come equipped with more standard hose than any other. When you need to reach beyond that distance, you need options that suit your set-up. To achieve best capacity at any distance, cover as much as you can with straight or smooth pieces like aluminium pipes and elbows, then add flexible portions like the stainless steel flex hoses and the Bendahose where needed.

These extra hose options (some pictures included) in addition to the standard hosing include...

Aluminium Pipe - is the best option for moving grain over any distance. Aluminium pipe provides the least resistance and allows your system to maintain optimum performance.

Flex Pipe - Stainless Steel Flex hoses provide some flexibility while keeping your capacity high.

Bendahose - is specifically designed to give you that extra little reach you always wanted along with flexibility.

Basketweaves - are your most durable clean-up hose, with a little more weight and less flexibility than the durathane options.

Durathane Hose - is the best option when maximum flexibility is required over short areas. Durathane offers the most flexibility but is the least durable.

Transitions / Adaptors - dont be limited by your hose diameter.
Available in 4, 6, 7 and 8 inch sizes.

Elbows - Steel elbows get you around corners without compromising your soft hoses, allowing material to flow as smoothly and quickly as possible. Use them with hoses to extend handling reach or to redirect the exhaust.

Sweeps - the floor sweeps clean up the bin floor in one magical swoop.
This nozzle allows you to get maximum efficiency when cleaning the bottom of a bin.

Ball Joins - add a ball joint wherever it makes sense and move around more freely with 40° of rotation.

Exhaust Hose Kit - If you are looking to blow your dust along the ground instead of up into the air, the exhaust hose kits are for you. You can direct the dust in between the bins. Keeping it low to the ground and away from you.

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