Friday 27th May, 2022

Durable new roller cuts down on “pizza cutters”

Canada’s Enduride is bringing its new Ultim8 idler to the Australian market, which it claims is 25 times more abrasion-resistant than steel.

Canada’s Enduride is bringing its new Ultim8 idler to the Australian market, which it claims is 25 times more abrasion-resistant than steel.

When idlers begin to wear out, there is a risk that the shell can create a sharp edge, colloquially known as a “pizza cutter”.

These sharp edges are in constant contact with the conveyor belt itself, one of the most expensive parts of many bulk-handling operations.

Jerome Guimont, Global Sales Manager at Canadian conveyor component manufacturer Enduride, has been involved in the mining industry for years, and one of the most common complaints he has heard is the need for idlers that can stand up to the rough conditions.

“Around the world, we are seeing issues with labour shortages,” he said. “Finding staff to manually replace worn idlers can be expensive and time-consuming. Mining companies want to minimise interventions and downtime on conveyors, as it saves them a lot of money.

“We put our research and development team to work to create a new product that could reduce unscheduled downtime. What they created was a product that has 25 times more abrasion life than a standard steel roller.”

The Ultim8 roller’s durability comes from a mixture of engineered components. Enduride uses a proprietary ceramic called E20, which is embedded in a polyurethane base material. Following testing, the company found the roller had similar abrasion resistance to tungsten carbide.

It can be used in any configuration, including in a trough or as a return roller – which is often where abrasion does the most damage.

Development on the Ultim8 roller took around 18 months before the final product was created, when it was put to the test to find out what would and wouldn’t work. The final product has been field tested in mining environments, with customers already making use of it for iron, gold, copper and aluminium applications.

“Some of our customers used to change return rollers every six months. More than a year has passed since the roller was first installed on their site, and it is still going strong,” Guimont said.

Enduride is a Canadian manufacturer of industrial belt conveyor components such as idlers, innovative nets guarding solutions and impact solutions. Active since 2005, the company carries a portfolio of conveyor belt products to service a wide range of heavy-duty material handling applications.

Australia is a new market for the company and while Guimont said while Canada and the US are Enduride’s main market, abrasion is a problem that can affect you wherever you are in the world.

“Iron ore mines in Australia have similar problems to mines in Canada. There are some discrepancies, but the nature of the product is the same – highly abrasive,” he said.

“As a company, we have a lot of expertise in these markets, and we’ve been able to test our products in a wide range of temperatures.”

The company’s specialists are located around the world, and it plans to expand further into southeast Asia and Oceania.

“We like to have an innovative offering. We want to bring something to the market that stands out and provides real benefits to the customer,” Guimont said.

“We have heard feedback from the Australian market and hope to solve the problems they are facing.”