Monday 19th Aug, 2019

Enmin’s flow-on effect

Enmin Vibratory Equipment is helping companies keep their materials and profits flowing with its range of industrial vibrators.

Enmin Vibratory Equipment is helping companies keep their materials and profits flowing with its range of industrial vibrators.

Managing the flow of product is vital for handling materials in bulk, as the freer the flow, the more economical the process becomes.

However, issues can arise when certain materials have been stored for long periods of time, compacting and becoming slower to flow. The solution for this, is often as simple as shaking the product loose.

Manually tapping hoppers with rubber mallets can be time-consuming and inefficient, which is why Enmin offers a time and cost-effective alternative, says general manager Anthony Gallaher.

“Fitting a vibrator requires minimal changes to a hopper, as it is attached via a mounting plate to the outside. If there is a gate or door, the vibrator can be automatically activated whenever it is opened, meaning no more stopping to free the materials,” he says.

“Because there are no internal modifications to the structure required, installation can be completed in a matter of hours.”

Individual hoppers can vary in size, shape and the material it holds, which can make it difficult to fix flow issues with a generic solution.

This is why Enmin offers custom solutions and can re-draw technical drawings to show the exact positioning of the vibrator according to a customer’s needs. In addition, the company provides the mounting plate, pneumatic control system, pipes and fittings as part of the installation process.

With more than 40 years of experience in the market, Enmin also offers full site audits to provide advice on how the industrial vibrators can be best used to encourage productivity.

A range of vibrators is available, including ball, piston and two types of turbine vibrators, with costs varying depending on the size and application.

Enmin’s industrial vibrators can also be equipped with quick release air fittings and mufflers for environments where noise can be an issue.

For applications where cleanliness is required, the company provides a range of vibrators made from plastic and stainless steel that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Additional modifications are available for vibrators that need to withstand Australia’s harsh outdoor environments. Ball covers have been designed from stainless steel to improve their robustness and models can be painted with a stainless steel paint called Steelite to reduce wear and corrosion.

Mr Gallaher says Enmin that will last anywhere from five to 15 years of service with the proper maintenance.

“It is important to ensure the air that is going to the vibrator is clean and regulated, alongside a yearly clean of the vibrator’s internal parts,” he says.

“By performing regular preventative maintenance and depending upon the environment it’s located in, an industrial vibrator can last for up to 25 years,”
Mr Gallaher said.