Monday 8th Mar, 2021

Experimental estimates reveal Australian 2019-20 sugarcane data

Queensland’s sugar mills have produced more than two million tonnes of raw sugar this season, according to the Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC).
Photo: Shutterstock

More than 30 million tonnes of sugarcane were harvested and delivered to Australian sugar mills in 2019-20, with Queensland accounting for nearly all of it, according to new experimental estimates released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

According to the data, the largest producing regions are all in Queensland. As a whole, the state produced 28.44 million tonnes.

ABS Agricultural Statistical Solutions Director Rob Walter said the experimental estimates were produced through a collaborative arrangement using existing industry and government data validated against satellite maps.

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“Through this collaboration, we have been able to produce data around six months after harvest which is nine months earlier than can be produced though our usual survey process,” Walter said.

“The greater regional detail achievable through this process has highlighted Burdekin, which surrounds the town of Ayr in Queensland, as the sugarcane capital of Australia. Burdekin produced 7,013,900 tonnes of sugarcane, almost twice as much as the next biggest area which was Ingham Region with 3,602,200 tonnes.

“The ABS hopes to extend this work to other agricultural commodities. We look forward to working with industry and government partners to adapt this approach.”