Monday 26th Aug, 2019

Filling a gap in the aggregates market

The new AggStack TS36 x 140 Low Tail Radial Telescopic Conveyor. Photo: Tricon

Tricon Equipment recently purchased a 42-metre telescopic mobile conveyor, better known as the AggStack Radial Telescopic Conveyor.

Tricon equipment director, Michael Tripolone said: “This is a really key gap in the aggregate market that is now filled by the Telestack AggStack range. We received the TS36 x 140 low tail and already the appetite for this unit in the marketplace is apparent. We even sold the machine before it had arrived in Australia.”

The TS36 x 140 Low Tail (42m x 900mm) Radial Telescopic Conveyor rates well on durability, functionality and production rates.

“I can already tell that this range will sell well in our market,” said Mr Tripolone.

“Although it is an entry level unit, you can still add options so that it meets your specific needs.”

Mobile equipment is a fast growing market in Australia, especially when it comes to fixed plant breakdowns.

“Out of crisis stems out-of-the-box thinking and the Tricon Equipment team always deliver on a reliable, fast and effective solutions that positively impact productivity,” said Mr Tripolone.

Recently, a longstanding Tricon customer experienced a bucket elevator failure, which handled woodchip delivery to its storage silo. The bucket elevator had proven to be unreliable, and a new solution was required to continue production.

After assessing the situation, Mr Tripolone and his team recommended, and supplied, a Telestack 42-metre telescopic mobile conveyor, which allowed direct loading into the silo.

“This proved the most cost-effective solution not only due to the conveyor’s flexibility, which allowed it to fit the space perfectly, but also the machine’s quick installation and set-up times,” said Mr Tripolone.

“With minimal downtime, production was back on track quickly, allowing the customer to meet their deadlines.”