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Flexco introduces new urethane skirting

Belt conveyor component supplier Flexco has added urethane skirting to its range. It says the new product will increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs for its customers.

According to Flexco, urethane skirting offers a more wear-resistant material than typical rubber. The company says it can provide as much as three to four times the wear life in similar applications. In addition, it adds, the lower coefficient of friction reduces strain on the system.

The urethane skirting was developed and manufactured in-house at a Flexco manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the USA.

The company’s publicity said that: “Flexco Urethane Skirting uses soft durometer (65A) urethane with exceptional tear resistance to ensure a good seal and long belt life.

“It features a 35° chamfer which eliminates the typical skirting break-in period. Available in lengths of 7.6m to ensure easy transportation, the new skirting works with the existing Flexco series of skirt clamps that offer simple serviceability: RMC1/PAL-Pak, Flex-Lok, and Flex-Seal.

“It is suitable for most applications: single direction or reversing belts, wet or dry conditions, old or new belts, vulcanised or mechanically spliced systems and is rated for temperatures from -30°C to 82°C.”

Flexco said the product is available locally from its warehouses in Sydney and Perth.


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