Sunday 20th Oct, 2019

Focus on packing business: Haver & Boecker

The Haver Roto-Packer rotating packing machine is designed for packing loose, bulk materials at high-speed.

Clélio Tonelli Filho speaks to ABHR about the market for packaging and processing technologies.

Clélio Tonelli Filho took over the role of general manager at Haver & Boecker’s Australian operations earlier this year.

“About 60 per cent of cement produced in the world is being dispatched in bags packed using Haver & Boecker machines,” said Mr Tonelli.

It’s an achievement of which he is clearly proud. And he has good reason to be, with Haver & Boecker laying claim to the highest number of installations in the cement market both in Australia and globally.

Mr Tonelli joined the Australian operations six months’ ago, from Haver & Boecker’s Latin American chapter. He is a qualified industrial mechanic engineer, and brings more than 27 years of experience in packaging technologies, sales and service.

“In terms of expansion, we’re looking to increase our presence in the food and agriculture market, particularly the wine industry,” he said.

“We can supply customised, high level filling solutions with our turn-key filling systems for both liquid and pasty products, and our equipment is designed to deliver the very best in hygiene and safety standards.”

Mr Tonelli believes there is “huge opportunity in the Australian market across the board”.

“Particularly in the area of packing technologies, the level of customer support following a system installation can be quite poor,” he said.

“We’re not seeing long term relationships being established between the OEMs and the client.

“As an OEM ourselves, our approach is to change this and create long-standing partnerships with our clients so that our solutions continue to perform for them at optimum levels.”

The close partnerships built with its clients globally have been a major driver of innovation at Haver & Boecker.

“We listen to them and take the time to understand their needs and issues and then work closely with them to develop solutions,” said Mr Tonelli.

“This is also critically important as the manufacturing industry struggles with Industry 4.0 and what it means for their operations.

“We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of automation and data exchange and can assist our clients with understanding what solutions are right for them.”

In addition to providing a proactive support service to existing clients, the company’s main aim is to educate the food and agriculture markets in particular of its capabilities.

“These markets have huge potential,” said Mr Tonelli. “We are one of the biggest packing machine suppliers in the world, a position we’ve built through our approach and the consistent quality, durability and high performance of our technologies.”

Haver & Boecker has the capability to deliver standalone systems right through to full turn-key plant design and fit-out, and can tailor automation and digitalisation capabilities to the client’s needs.

“Our Australian operation is focusing on the packing business and providing solutions across storage, packing, palletising and loading bulk products as well as automation.

When asked about the similarities or differences between the Latin American and Australian markets, Mr Tonelli said: “After nearly 30 years with Haver & Boecker Latinoamericana, I think the biggest difference is the timeframe for projects coming to fruition.

“South America has a shorter maturation period compared to Australia, which is perhaps related to its economic growth cycle.”

The company has just released a product first for Australia, a new ROTO-PACKER series for cement packing.

“We have also recently launched the ROTO-PACKER RVT model in Australia with great success and the ADAMS packing machine for packing powder-type products into PE bags,” said Mr Tonelli, adding that this meant the year was off to a good start.