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Going for gold in greenfield

Transmin’s ConveyorPro range is targeting greenfield project supply in a new gold mine.

The estimated $226 million development is underpinned by the construction of a 4Mtpa processing plant, fed by the large open-pit and underground mine and complemented by a series of smaller satellite pits.

Bulk materials handling equipment supplier Transmin was contracted to support the development of the plant through its ConveyorPro team.

Amerander ‘Reddy’ Emmadi, Business Development Manager at ConveyorPro, said the company’s mission was to be a one-stop-shop for everything to do with conveyors.

“For greenfield projects like this one, we previously might have only done the belting, or the idlers, or the pulleys,” he said.

“For this project, we could provide almost everything they needed – and that is something we have been aggressively focusing on.”

ConveyorPro began as a brand about five years ago, following significant requests from Transmin’s customers to provide additional accessories. The company would often go out to tender for its conveyor feeders or rockbreakers and be asked for equipment to supplement its offering.

The business had built up experience in the bulk handling equipment space and could see the benefits of providing a single package.

As part of its contract, ConveyorPro designed, manufactured and supplied all the rollers, idlers, pulleys, belting, impact beds and skirting modules for the goldfields project, which Emmadi said helped reduce overall costs and improves service.

“When it comes to greenfield projects like this one, we can combine packages together to provide a competitive price for the client,” he said. “Lead times are also reduced, along with overhead costs. It’s also a lot easier for project managers to handle.

“If you think about it, it’s a lot easier for one project manager to work with the one key account manager, instead of having to deal with four to five different suppliers for the same project.

“Our nature as a one-stop-shop also means we can reduce the number of contractors on site, as our teams are the subject matter experts for all of our products. That means less site inductions and faster service.”

Staff undergo monthly training with the different equipment in ConveyorPro’s range to help ensure they have the expertise required for field service work.

The ConveyorPro brand specialises in providing everything an operator needs for a conveyor.

When it comes to belts, the brand offers steel cord, multiple fabric, bucket elevator, corrugated side wall, fire resistant, chevron, rip stop, heat-resistant and chemical-resistant varieties.

It can also offer other agency lines through partnerships with companies such as Martin Engineering or Thermo Fisher Scientific. Spare parts for all its equipment are kept well stocked, which helps to keep prices and lead times competitive.

Emmadi said ConveyorPro could also provide additional assistance when it comes to the design selection.

“As part of the service, we can select the right equipment for the application when clients are looking to upgrade or purchase new equipment,” he says.

“We can do all the calculations and design work for a specific application, then provide a quote.

“We’re based in Western Australia, which means we can provide fast, efficient turnarounds. We also carry a range of widely used, fast-moving items from our Perth and Brisbane warehouses to also reduce lead times.”

Transmin can supply ConveyorPro products beyond Australia’s borders. It has the capacity to send components to almost anywhere in the world, and has a presence in South Africa, India and Canada.

The company plans to continue growing its range of products, especially when it comes to rollers, composite rollers and conveyor guarding. The company’s latest high-density polyethylene guarding for low-profile feeders have been a major success, according to Emmadi, and it has also begun looking into providing similar products for conveyors.

“In the long term, we are looking at how we can provide full turnkey solutions for small-to-medium-sized conveyors,” he said.

“We hope to standardise the designs and use our fabrication expertise to deliver for medium-sized greenfield projects. Our teams are trying a lot of design aspects and will then move to feasibility studies.

“Constantly improving our products, in whatever form that needs to be, is key. Innovation is key to ConveyorPro’s success, so we are investing into our research and development.”

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