Monday 28th Sep, 2020

Going the extra mile for service

Service is engineering company Azano’s key to success when it comes to providing high quality, reliable solutions.

Service is engineering company Azano’s key to success when it comes to providing high quality, reliable solutions.

When a longstanding customer of engineering company Azano was having trouble with a bagging machine, the firm’s General Manager, Frank Oddi, hopped in the car and drove for hours into regional Victoria.

By the time he had arrived, it was one in the morning. Oddi explains that the machine wasn’t meeting the productivity objectives it was supposed to hit, but the problem couldn’t have been occurring from the machine itself.

“I knew it had to be something simple, our machines don’t just fail like that, they’re built with expertise to last,” he says.

Just as he had opened up his laptop, ready to download updates for the programmable logic controller, he noticed that someone had simply pressed a few wrong buttons and changed the parameters. One easy fix later and the machine was back to normal, and that simple slip was prevented from ever happening again.

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Oddi says Azano strives to go the extra mile when it comes to providing engineering solutions, aided by decades of engineering experience.

The company takes a customer-driven approach to eliminate barriers and provide cost saving efficiencies.

“We sit down with clients and work with them extensively to find out exactly what they’re looking for from their bulk handling operation,” Oddi says.

“Sometimes they want a certain parameter, which we go and think about before incorporating into the design. Sometimes we’ll also come back with a different approach that they may not have thought of, presenting them an array of practical options.”

By listening closely to their customers’, Azano gets a clear picture about the end objective and how best to approach it. Oddi says this clear understanding is of paramount importance, as it “means you understand what the customer is looking for, not what you think they are looking for”.

The company, established in 1989 in Western Australia, has spread across Australia to specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of bulk packaging, filling and inspection systems.

Building relationships has been a vital piece of this growth. Azano ensures its customers’ investments are protected through strategic partnerships with quality suppliers around the world.

Oddi says the equipment used in the company’s solutions are at the top end of quality, designed to last.

“Nothing we supply would be considered a throwaway. We take pride in providing a long-term, reliable product,” he explains.

“Developing the solutions takes advantage of our years of experience. We don’t just grab a manufacturing company and ask them to build us something. These are sophisticated items that have been tried and tested in markets all around the world.”

The company also partners with crews outside of its own expertise, making use of skilled electrical and control engineers.

Sales, service and manufacturing centres are scattered throughout the Asia Pacific region to provide the company’s customers with multifaceted support for food processing, weighing, packaging and bagging equipment.

Oddi adds that Azano also maintains a well-stocked inventory of spare parts.

“Our quality and reliability are what set Azano apart,” he says. “No matter the region, even if it’s international, if we have a customer, we make sure we can support them no matter what.”