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HammerTek’s ‘Smart Elbow’ lands Down Under

HammerTek has launched its line of pneumatic conveying system deflection elbows in Australia, via its local distributor Flexicon.

The company’s ‘Smart Elbow’ is designed to prevent elbow wear, material degradation, melting/streamers and build-up associated with material impacting the wall of conventional sweep elbows and plugged tees.

The elbow is designed with a spherical chamber that protrudes partially beyond the desired 90˚ or 45˚ pathway, which causes a ball of material suspended in air to rotate, gently deflecting incoming material around the bend without impacting the elbow wall or generating heat.

Tim Greene, director of operations for both Hammertek and Flexicon in Wacol, Queensland, says the design prevents abrasive mining, concrete and reinforced plastic materials from wearing through the elbow wall.

“It also prevents friable products from degrading and generating dust, while preventing the frictional heat that causes plastic streamers and build-up of heat-sensitive materials on conventional elbow walls,” Greene added.

“Our HammerTek staff has direct access to details on thousands of Smart Elbow installations worldwide across all industries that convey pneumatically, providing Australian customers with proven solutions,” Greene continued.

“We offer free trials to all new customers throughout Australia to get acquainted with this technology risk-free.”

HammerTek says the elbows are engineered for dilute-phase and dense-phase pneumatic conveying. They are offered in cast iron, carbon steel, aluminium,  stainless steel and special alloys in 90 and 45 degrees, with flanged and socket weld ends in tube, schedule 10 pipe and schedule 80 pipe diameters from 32 mm (1.25 inches) to 457 mm (18 inches).



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