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How a ‘plug and play’ solution provides high-scale condition monitoring at minimal cost for miners

Condition monitoring has become an essential service to the modern mine – not just as a means to prevent catastrophic machine failure, but to improve maintenance and the uptime of equipment. With increased pressure to reduce operational costs and increase productivity, mining operations face the combined challenge of enhancing the performance of rotating machinery whilst keeping expenses to a minimum.

Typically, condition monitoring has been a costly undertaking, and one that has required considerable time and resources to set up, especially in mine sites which are often remote and vast in scope. Moreover, condition monitoring requires specific expertise to interpret data so that it can be of actionable benefit to maintenance or reliability crews.

This whitepaper addresses the challenges that mining operations face together with expert insights into a new condition monitoring solution called OPTIME. It discusses how this wireless online solution can alleviate many of the pain points associated with machine reliability and performance through cost-effective mass condition monitoring. Additionally, it shows the benefits that have been realised from OPTIME through real case study examples.

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