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How low can Thor Global’s telescoping radial stackers go?

Thor Global says its latest low-profile telescopic radial stacker has the lowest feed height in the industry. ABHR learns what this will mean for bulk handlers.

Thor Global says its latest low-profile telescopic radial stacker has the lowest feed height in the industry. ABHR learns what this will mean for bulk handlers.

In 1992, Thor Global developed one of the first-ever telescopic conveyors for bulk material stockpiles. The machine was designed to help meet increasingly stringent requirements for supplying in-spec aggregate material.

Armed with the new equipment, operators could now build stockpiles in small concentric layers, ultimately reducing segregation.

And it proved to be popular.

In fact, demand for the product was so intense that Thor decided to shift its primary focus towards developing and improving the telescoping conveyors. 

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The company has now unveiled its latest telescopic radial conveyor, which the Lincom Group aims to spread across Australia.

Alan Dunbar, Lincom Group product manager, said the Thor Lopro’s patented low-profile design has the lowest feed height in the industry while maintaining a large truss for strength and stability.

“The Lopro has a feed height of 1.7m and can handle up to 1000 tonnes per hour,” Dunbar told ABHR. “The low-profile design allows the feed angle to remain constant, improving versatility and eliminating the need for additional conveying equipment.

“You can park a crusher right next to it and feed directly into it without needing an extra conveyor. The conveyor’s low height also makes it easy to transport.”

Canada-based Thor designed the machinery to meet global standards. The Lincom Group is the company’s registered Australian distributor and has ensured the machine meets local standards.

The control system has been built for Australian conditions. It features a dual split panel with high- and low-voltage sides independent of each other to help manage heat dissipation. 

It comes with an HDMI touch screen and remote control as standard, along with a full suite of sensors. Safety measures and guarding also meet Australian requirements.

Dunbar said Lincom can design the stackers to suit the customer.

“The big one for most quarries and coal mines is making sure the new equipment fits the site,” he said. “These companies have their own standards and may require redesigns to ensure a conveyor meets them. 

“Standards also differ based on state – Western Australia and New South Wales have different requirements. We go through a full design with customers that need them, providing detailed drawings and support.”

All of Thor’s equipment is engineered for heavy industry, designed to last in extreme conditions, using high-quality steel, paint and components. Everything is made to operate for a minimum of 80,000 hours and meet Thor’s quality minimums.

Dunbar said Lincom is excited to bring the Lopro to Australian shores.

“We have service teams in every state and a large spare parts holding for our conveyors,” he said.

“We are also working on a fully certified design for the Lopro, making it even easier to provide for our local customers.” 

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