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Hundreds of new coal plants around globe as Australia moves for closures

Data analysis from the National Party has pointed out over 500 coal-fired power stations are planned for construction around the world, while Australia has none on the cards, and generators plan to shut down over a dozen in the next four decades.

According to a report in The Australian, data provided to the Nationals by the national parliamentary library indicates construction of new coal-fired power plants is increasing in 35 countries.

299 plants are planned in China, followed by 132 in India, 34 in Vietnam, 32 in Indonesia and 22 in the Philippines, to round-out the top five.

Meanwhile there are no new coal-fired plants planned in Australia, and there are at least a dozen existing plants planned for closure between now and 2057.

Victoria’s Hazelwood power plant closed earlier this year, and Yallourn in the same state is set to close by 2020. Liddell – the subject of much of the recent conversation – will be next to go in 2022.

Nationals senator and party whip John Williams argues the data shows the futility of Australia’s climate-focused push for fewer coal-burning power plants.

“We don’t have a tent over Australia,” Williams reportedly told The Australian, “emissions are going up around the world because of these generators being built.

“We are bowing down to the green agenda which will make no difference to the world’s emissions. It makes no sense.

“We will de-industrialise Australia and let everything be manufactured overseas with higher emissions.”

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