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Hybrid diesel/renewable micro-grid for temporary projects

Powering remote but temporary bulk handling and minerals exploration projects can be a headache, the task most often necessitating transport of huge amounts of diesel to often inaccessible locations.

One possible solution is a transportable micro-grid from German electrical equipment company, Pfisterer, which combines a conventional diesel generator with solar power and wind turbines – all supplied in containers.

The system is called CrossPower and it combines hybrid power generation with an intelligent management system. This aims to guarantee a highly reliable power supply even on a cloudy or windless day.

Modern lithium-ion batteries store the renewable energy, which is automatically prioritised by the management system. Diesel generators charge the batteries only as required, and therefore operate in their optimum output range. According to Pfisterer, “this cuts fuel consumption by more than 50 percent and makes the system remarkably efficient. Since much less diesel is needed, the number of cost-intensive fuel shipments is reduced.


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