Saturday 29th Feb, 2020

Hydraulic solutions for harsh situations

Hydraulic tool specialist Enerpac has introduced a range of new products to help maintain, repair and construct heavy machinery and plant.

Hydraulic tool specialist Enerpac has introduced a range of new products to help maintain, repair and construct heavy machinery and plant.

Under a hot Australian sun, it is not uncommon for the temperature to rise above 40 degrees Celsius in many mining operations.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development reports that these temperatures have been on the rise in the last 40 to 60 years, with regions such as the Pilbara expected to get even hotter.

In addition, mining, maintenance and processing operations can result in the release of dust into the air, creating an environment requiring robust equipment.

Hydraulic tool specialist Enerpac has released two new tools into the Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea markets that are able to withstand these pressures: the XC Series Cordless Torque Wrench Pump and the LG-Series Lock Grip Pullers.

The XC Cordless Torque Wrench uses 28-volt lithium ion technology to power swift and precise hydraulic bolting and fastening on remote sites where a cord could cause potential tripping hazards.

Darryl Lange, Enerpac National Sales Manager, says the latest XC Torque Wrench pump complements existing cordless pumps proven in other applications such as mining, rail, construction and maintenance of heavy machinery.

“Enerpac designed this product with a high-strength, fiberglass reinforced composite housing to be able to provide superior durability in the demanding job site environments that our customers are typically working in,” Mr Lange explains.

“The XC-Series Cordless Torque Wrench pump is ideal when you need the lightweight portability of a battery pump with the precision and power supplied by Enerpac hydraulics.”

It features an interactive pendant that can be operated in manual or auto-cycle mode and allows the operator to store a set operating pressure. The pump has an easily accessible and adjustable relief valve for precise pressure control along with a bladder reservoir that allows the pump to be used in any position.

The pendent can provide visual feedback with LED indicators and vibrates when tasks are completed. The pump itself has an integrated handle and carrying strap for portability. It is applied with two 28-volt/ 5-amp hour batteries that use lithium ion technology to ensure it has maximum battery performance and a quick one-hour charge time.

“This latest XC pump complements Enerpac’s market leading range of hexagonal and square drive professional bolting technologies, backed nationally by Enerpac’s long-established service and supply networks to ensure optimum uptime and reliability,” Mr Lange adds.

Enerpac’s new LG-Series Lock-Grip Pullers similarly have been designed for the harshest operating conditions to help in the removal of shaft mounted parts. The pullers are available in compact, mechanical and hydraulic versions to provide an alternative to the often laborious and sometimes damaging hammer, impact and heat process.

They are designed to pull small-to-medium sized wheels, sprockets, bearings and other shaft mounted parts and have a locking mechanism to prevent the jaws slipping during the pulling action.

The Hydraulic Lock-Grip Pullers are able to apply up to 55 tonnes of force thanks to a 700-bar hydraulic cylinder, allowing it to remove larger objects up to 660 millimetres in diameter.

Other features of the Lock-Grip Pullers include synchronous jaw movements to enable entire pulling jobs to be performed by a single operator, new leg design to improve reach and enable use on thicker objects and a spindle protector to prevent damage to the spindle when pulling against a flat surface.

“The new Lock Grip pullers have been designed for a greater reach from the same diameter spread, allowing for the removal of thicker objects,” Mr Lange says.

“Enerpac offers a complete line of pullers with the widest range of sizes, capacities and styles. All are made of high-strength steel alloys that are dependable, providing years of trouble-free operation, even in the harshest environments.”